Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Back to the Beginning

Heading back to my hotel was rather easy. I had expected trouble, some sign that he knew what I was up to. But as per usual...nothing. The first thing I did was pack, of course I stole the little shampoos and conditioners the hotel provides. I may have been in a hurry but I wasn't in that much of a hurry. With my backpack slung over my shoulder I bolted down the stairs, only stopping to drop the keys off at the greeting desk.

I went outside and hopped into my car, noting that the gas was a little above 3/4 of the tanks capacity which was perfect. It was then that my enthusiasm drained from my system. Before I even started the car I noticed him. He was in the rear view mirror just behind my car. His stare was unnerving, now more than ever. I still found it strange that it felt like I was being stared at even though he didn't have eyes. He tilted his eyes asking the silent question that he already probably knew the answer to.

'Are you sure you want to do this?' 

I actually hesitated to turn the car on, thinking on my decision. Did I want to do this? Knowing that it would send me hurdling back into an uphill battle? 

But I already knew my answer. So I started the car.

I looked in front of me, ignoring the faceless monster that stood behind my car and I grinned nervously.

Time to go back to where it all started, back to the beginning. Back to where I lost her.'s going to be one hell of a ride. 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Single Mingling

"Do you not see him?"

I didn't jump, because as paranoid as I was, I didn't feel like I was in any particular danger. It was day time, the sun was out and I was sitting outside of a cafe with a cup of coffee. Coffee was my lifeblood these days. I didn't look at the woman that sat at my table, nor did I answer her for a few moments. Simply staring off into the distance, or more specifically across the street, where he stood. His bald head cocked to the side and his usual tentacles were absent from his back. The citizens that walked along the sidewalks ignored him as usual. As always, I got a sense of morbid amusement out of their blissful ignorance and out of the fact that all of them seemed to walk by him, just inches from touching him, but avoiding his touch all the same. Some of them even twisted slightly, or pivoted on one foot in order to avoid him. I nearly chuckled. I blinked when I realized the woman hadn't walked away and I could still feel her stare.

"....I see a lot of people that could be referred to as him."

She let out a snort at that, "Don't play dumb."

A wry smile formed on my lips, "I don't need to play at being dumb, trust me."

"Don't avoid the question."

"Fine, yes I see him. My turn, why do you see him?"

"That's what you want to know? Not who I am, or why I'm talking to you?"

"It doesn't really matter who you are, it more matters just what it is you are." I glanced over at the young woman who narrowed her onyx eyes, brushing a strand of ebony hair behind her ear.

"I'm human."

Oh, the snark. "Great we have something in common." The dry smile remained on my face. "But I wasn't referring to that, and I'm pretty sure you knew that. Runner...or servant?" 

"You first, not that I need to ask. You don't seem too alarmed at that thing's presence, I can only assume you serve it...don't you?" I heard a click underneath the table and this time it was my turn to snort.

"A gun? Really? Are you going to shoot me?"

"Depends on your answer." 

"Hey, calm down."

I could tell that she was beginning to become irritated with my aloof attitude. I don't find much to be amused with these days so irritating someone is a rare pleasure. It's the little things in life, you know?

"Are you going to answer my question, or do I have to shoot you?" I actually felt the cold barrel of the gun brush against my kneecap. I raised an eyebrow at her. Would she actually shoot me?

"Do you need some tea to calm your nerves? It's pretty good here, I recommend the jasmi-" My tone remained genial even as I heard the gun shaking, from what I can only assume was rage or nerves.

Not that it mattered, I suppose.

"Shut up! Just shut. up." Her tone implied that she was not amused. Poor thing must of been a new runner or just poorly adjusted. I wonder if I was that high strung when I started running. I probably was. Maybe.

I did shut up though. Now that I was paying a little more attention, something that a gun tends to make you do, I noticed that there were loose strands of hair fraying left and right, falling into her face. I remembered when I had first started and the stress was probably eating her alive, just as it had me. She didn't need an irritating asshole, especially since she probably hadn't slept for days, if the bags under her eyes were anything to go by.

"J-Just answer th-the q-question." The stutter came out in a forceful whisper. She didn't want to draw a scene. I didn't particularly want her to either. Drawing attention would create a scene which would raise her panic level, which could then cause her to pull the trigger that was resting against my knee cap. The flesh and bone one, to be clear.

Even as I opened my mouth to answer her question, seriously and truthfully, I found no words. I blanked at that moment. What exactly was I? I first focused on the two categories, that I was provided.

Proxy or Runner? A quick glance at my Fear glossary.

Proxies: Servants of the Slenderman (Slendy, the Wicked Gentleman, the Pale Prince, STRANGER, etc.). These are merely masked individuals, well usually masked, who's sole purpose are to complete tasks that the tall bastard himself couldn't be bothered with, usually tasks that have to be completed within a confined area or without drawing attention. While most would disagree, Slender can't be everywhere at once. Omnipotent he may be, omnipresent he is not.  Proxies also serve the purpose of being a constant reminder of his presence even if he's not actually there at the moment.

So I definitely wasn't a proxy. So perhaps a runner than?

Runners: Simply those who are on the run from one or more Fears and their servants. The circumstances don't particularly matter and every runner has a different goal they believe they must fulfill.

A year ago I would have said that I'm a runner. But now I'm not so sure. I don't know what my purpose is anymore. I wasn't even running anymore really. I moved from place to place, but it was more out of boredom than a feeling that I was in danger. Slender watched or had someone watching almost all the time, but they never acted.

Maybe I'm viewed as a broken runner, one without a purpose, who would be no trouble to him. This woman's question seemed to awake something in my brain. I finally asked myself just what it was I was going to do.

I asked myself a question that I haven't once thought about since this all started for me. What did I want to do? This made me think back to my college days, it made me think about why it was that I wanted to be a doctor. After losing my family, I wanted to make sure that no one had to feel pain.

I shook my head (I think the woman wasn't sure what to do at that point, given that she made no move to pull the trigger or threaten me again). No that wasn't it. Even then I wasn't that naive. But what I did want to do, was make sure that I could reach as many people as possible. Save as many as I was able to. I knew that one person couldn't save everyone but I was content knowing that I could save those I came across.

So I'm not a runner, and I'm not proxy. I wanted to answer her, to answer the question that was within my mind at that moment.

What am I?

"And yes, I still call you hero because you've gone through betrayals and loss and pain. You have surely seen the ugliness of humanity around you- brought into the light by the malice or desperation in those marked by the Fears one way or another. You have seen all, yet you still wish to help. You have still attempted to rise above it."

Wolf's words from so long ago rang clear in my head. It seemed that I was thinking more and more about those I had lost as the days went on. A dry smile formed on my lips and I stopped looking at the woman. Instead I leveled my gaze on Slender who still stood across the street, but now cocked his head to the opposite side, perhaps wondering what it is I found amusing. 

I decided that I would go back to start. But perhaps without the stupidity. That's what I wanted and still want today. I just want to help those I encounter.

I chuckled and finally answered the woman, still staring at the faceless being.

"I am neither a proxy nor a runner. The name's Roy and you can call me a hero." My smile widened ever so slightly and I extended my hand across the table, staring at the ebony haired woman expectantly.

Her brow furrowed and I no longer felt the barrel of the gun against my knee. I assumed that I had confused her enough for her to lower it. She then extended a shaky hand across the table and shook my hand once before withdrawing. She still frowned at me though. "Hero huh?" At least her voice had lost it's quiver. 

I nodded, not visibly reacting when Slender disappeared at the answer. "That's right. I'd give you my business card, but I seem to have left them in my other pants."

The woman continued to stare at me, still obviously not amused. With a sigh she stowed the gun back in her purse and stood. "I can't believe I thought you were a threat."

I waved a hand dismissively at this. "I get that all the time."

The woman snorted before beginning to walk away. "I'm sure you do."

I couldn't help but say something more, to this runner who I most likely would never see again.

"You need to not take everything so seriously. Because if you do, you won't last long."

This actually caused her to stop walking away, but she didn't turn. "I probably won't last too long anyways. None of us runners ever do."

But even though this would be the first and most likely last time I met her, I couldn't help but at least provide her with a way of contacting me if she did run in to trouble. Have to adhere to my new roll of hero, don't I? So with that thought I hastily scribbled my number down and stood up before handing it to her. She shot me a questioning gaze so I quickly explained.

"If you ever run into trouble or even meet someone who could use a little help, don't hesitate to call. I can't promise I'll actually be able to help. But I can certainly try."

"You were serious about being a....hero." She seemed to say the word with a bit of reluctance.

"Of course! That's me, handsome devil and hero extraordinaire!" I struck a 'heroic' pose.

She lifted a hand to her mouth and actually let out a small giggle. Not sure if it was nervous or just pity laughter. But either way, the sound made me happy. If I could never actually end up doing any good for this one runner, at least I could brighten up her day just a little bit.

She waved one last time and was on her way.

....I couldn't help but grin. A new burning resolve coursed through my veins.

Sounds a bit dramatic maybe. I always have been though.

I watched her walk away and began heading back to where I was staying. I had plans to make. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Reflections of a young man who feels old. (Or "A narcissist's rambling")

Everything was a blur. The trees passed by me and it took all of the focus at my disposal to not to run right in to one. I could smell blood, and the dizziness that was overtaking me meant that it was most likely mine. I wanted to pass out. I wanted to fall asleep and never wake back up. I shook the thoughts from my head and focused on running from the furious thing chasing me. 

Why did I wait until night?

I tripped on a root that was running along the ground in front of me and fell on my back with a pained gasp. I held my side and looked up just in time to catch a glance of the moon, before it was blocked by the faceless entity standing before me. His tendrils waved behind him erratically. I could feel his anger. Feel it in the very air around me. The tendrils shot forward to impale me where I laid-

I woke up before the dream got any further. I'm beginning to remember things, bits and pieces from the night that I turned Faceless down. The more I remember the more I wonder just how it is I made it out alive. But honestly I think the fact that I'm even alive today has been a combination of the people around me and just my own dumb luck.

I've always thought that I was a rather lucky individual. Even after all of this began. Everything that has happened to me up til this point has happened for a reason. At least, I would like believe that.

My family was killed or taken....but in that case it allowed me to move in with Nick and his family. We would grow closer and eventually go to Michigan State University together. There....I would meet Izzy. My Isabella. The love of my life.

I lost Nick. But in doing so I found out that Izzy, who I thought was dead was still alive. I lost my brother, my best friend, to find that out. He would later come for my life, not as dead as I had once thought. I would lose my leg....but kill him again.  I don't know why I'm going through all this again. Remembering all of it and feeling the need to type it all out. So please bare with my rambling.

Throughout this journey I've taken, I have lost much. But I have also gained a few things.

I've gained many great friends. Whom I have been very fortunate to meet.

Wolf: Where do I even start? You saved me from my own ignorance, taught me so much about the world I live in now. The path I walk. You didn't even need too. There was nothing you could gain from helping me. But you did. You're probably the reason I'm alive today. You called yourself a monster all the time. I never saw you that way. You had told me that by helping you were being selfish. You were helping because you could not save another. You're sunshine you called him. But I never cared for your reason. It didn't matter. To me you weren't selfish. You weren't what you said. Even if you were kind to me. That's all that mattered to me. I'll live out the rest of my days in a way that would have made you proud. Rest in peace, my dear friend.

Fell: We had a rough start, you and I. I could tell from the first time we met that you didn't like me. Every other word you muttered around me was a curse. You wanted me gone from the beginning. Dead so that I couldn't cause any more trouble. It was understandable though. You cared about Wolf so deeply and I was causing her pain. Had our roles been reversed I probably would have wanted you gone as well. Maybe you still hate me? Heh, only conversing with me because Wolf kept me alive, maybe you're just taking her job of baby sitting me. Whether you hated me (or still do) or not, it was fun hanging around with you and Hart.

Hart: You suck ass at video games.

Med: The scientist, the medic, the one who gave me my leg back. You were a genius whether you acknowledged it or not. I don't know where you are, but I hope with all my heart wherever you are, you're safe and happy.

Skye: Ya little bastard you. Stop whining and man up! Go up to your Alter and kick him in the balls or something. You're supposed to take care of Alice. (and Tori even if she doesn't acknowledge it.)

Alice: Love ya, my undead darling. Coolest daughter a guy could ask for. I'll try and visit you soon, kick Skye in the shin for me would you?

Tori: I don't know you too well but you're tough so keep on moving. Keep Skye in line and please give him a kick in the shin as well. Preferably the opposite shin that Alice kicks him in.

Nick: No. Don't come anywhere near here. (wherever here is.)

I've noticed that a lot of my posts lately have sounded like the reflections of someone who's dying.

Well....I'm not. So....yeah. I'll try to post something positive next time. (If that's even possible)

Monday, March 16, 2015

I don't like candles anymore.

How....I don't.......

Someone tell me how I'm supposed to respond to this. Because my mind is blank.

The stupid thing is....the really stupid thing is......the question sticking out in my mind right now?

Why candles?

Why the fucking candles?!

It can't be him. It shouldn't be him. But there's no else it can be. Why the fuck doesn't anyone stay dead anymore?! It's like Quinn is like my own personal Morningstar.

I'd be flattered if I wasn't scared for my life.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Alive and...half decent

How long's it been? Since all of this started, I mean? I found myself wondering that today.....I didn't mean since my running days had began. I mean this stupid game. That he plays with us. We're just his playthings after all, aren't we?

A lot of people favor the line of thought, that Slenderman has a reason for the things he does. That he's just some higher form of intelligence, or a deity a wrathful god, or even an omen. A sign that misfortune is going to follow whoever lays on him. In a twisted sort of way, he kind of is an omen. He shows up and shit hits the fan. A night at a hotel...a pleasant hotel. I didn't even stay in the building, I slept out in the car I had been renting. I hadn't slept in days. I go to close my eyes and one after another the car's around mine go up in flames. Cops converge on the scene before I can even gather myself. I'm brought in for questioning.....The man who enters my interrogation room is frowning at me. I assure him that I had nothing to do with the explosions. That I wasn't some..mad bomber or whatever the hell he wanted to call me.

I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Even so, as I was being questioned he appeared in the room. Barely fitting beneath the ceiling. The cop turned around for a moment, running a hand through his hair. His eyes settled on the one way mirror and he....he looked at him. His eyes didn't just pass the faceless creature. It wasn't the sleep deprivation, he saw him. I know he did. But he just acted like he wasn't there.

I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The police released me after they realized they didn't have enough to keep me there. I ran to my car...I drove out of there as fast as I could. Now I'm in a library, they closed up for the night and they don't know I'm here. I don't know what to do. I don't even know what my next move is.

I wanted anyone who actually cares to know that I'm still alive. How? I'm not even sure. The night after my last post is a blank....and I don't even think I want to remember it.

I'm always in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Reflection: Wolf

I've started to lose track of time. Minutes blur into hours, hours into days, days into weeks. He visits me often. I can't help but think that his visits are starting to make me lose what sense I have left. It's funny, the worst feeling is that of loneliness. Fucking would think with the faceless monster around, that loneliness would least of my worries. But since I've been alone, I've had little to do but think. To reflect on the last couple of years. Everything that I've done right, a list that is admittedly short. Everything that I've done wrong, a list that is....admittedly long.

I've been left alone with my thoughts. My dark thoughts. Today though, I felt a rare moment of clarity. It came to me as I was cleaning out my book bag, so that I could check my supplies. It was busy work of course. Which is all I've been doing lately.

Make yourself useful to avoid useless thoughts.

I found a mask in my bag. One that I had all but forgotten about. Plain white in color. A black line forming a smirk as a mouth and nothing else other than the eye holes. It was not the mask I had found in the closet. No, it was a gift from a friend. Wolf had given me a mask as a going away present when I had visited for the last time. Memories flooded my mind.

"Ha! Another win for me." I grinned at the fuming man next to me. He threw his controller down and glared at me, though I could tell he wasn't actually angry at me.

"I call hacks!"

I stared blankly at him and then gestured at the super Nintendo.


"Whatever dude, you cheat." A small grin formed on Hart's face, one that I couldn't help but return. I was relaxed, more so than I had been for a long time. With the group's help, and the mental exercises Wolf made me do, I had broken the influence that the Objects had on me. Since then, aside from the training drills that Wolf put me through (she claimed she was taking it easy on me because of my wrist), I had merely been relaxing at the cabin. Whether that meant whooping Hart's ass at video games or Fell kicking my ass when we would get bored and spar. Wolf had even tried to teach me how to knit once I healed a bit.....didn't work out.

"Another round?"

Hart opened his mouth to respond before being cut off.

"Hero?" I looked back to see Wolf, while repressing my irritation at the nickname. I had accepted it at this point, despite the fact that I didn't think I was any hero. "Can I speak to you for a moment?" I exchanged a glance with Hart who just shrugged. I stood to my feet with a sigh and followed Wolf outside where she merely sat down and patted the ground next to her.

I raised an eyebrow, the grin on my face vanishing. I sat down next to her and stared out at the trees. No matter how long I spent there, the feeling of uneasiness never went away. It had lessened over time, but it never went away. Not like I expected it to, after all it was HIM who had made this place. We sat in silence for a few moments before she finally spoke up.

"You can't stay here much longer, Hero. We can't keep expecting Ritter to ignore your presence here." I frowned. I had been afraid that this was what she wanted to talk about. I didn't feel ready, but I knew she was right. I had overstayed my welcome here as it was.

"Today then?" I asked

I heard her audibly sigh.

"Yes… Will you be alright?"

I chuckled and put a large smile on my face. "You know me Wolf. I can't keep myself out of trouble. Murphy's law hates me that way I guess." I attempted to make light of the situation.

Wolf didn’t laugh.

"That is exactly what troubles me now, Hero." She was looking at me, but I would not meet her gaze.

I glanced at her before looking away, "Wolf I-"

"Roy." I was silenced. "You chose your path a long time ago. Despite my nudging, despite our friendship and despite that potential I see in you, you have stayed with that choice for the sake of your ideals. As much as I would love to call you ‘brother’, I respect your decision and will do no more to convince you. That being said, by choosing this path, you accept the trials that go with it. Twice now, you have allowed yourself to be manipulated- first by Sagari and most recently, by those objects. I have helped you as best I can, but there will always be someone or something there to take advantage of your ideals or your sorrow.”

I blinked. She sounded slightly desperate, it was barely there, but I could just make out a hint of it. Maybe I was imagining it. Wolf was a lot of things but desperate was never one of them. She glanced down at her hands,

"Look....I will not always be here to save you Hero.....I need to know that you can bear the trials of your path alone, that you can take care of yourself. I need you to promise me that you will not forget what you have learned from this.”

I stared at her for minutes, an uncomfortable silence settled in. Finally I sighed, 

"Fine, I promise" The way she was speaking scared me in all honesty, as if it would be the last time I would see her. She had always helped me, and the thought of her....dying made me cringe. I went to give her a one armed hug with my good arm, and to thank her for everything she had done right before a tomahawk landed right in between us. I paled as I looked at the window behind us.

"The fuck do you think you're doing Roy Boy?!" Fell was standing in the window arm still extended from her throw, I jumped to my feet and decided that explaining myself would only make things worse so I did the only thing that came to mind, I ran, hearing Wolf chuckle as Fell gave chase, a string of obscenities flowing from her mouth.

My grip on the mask tightened. Hero. It's what she called me. Once I had even asked her why that was. She told me that it was because despite the evils of the world that I had experienced, I still tried to rise above it, still tried to see the good in everyone.

Wolf's words had always stuck with me, she was part of the reason that I am who I am today. I only recently figured out just why it is she's had such an influence on me. I'm not going to say why, since at this point it doesn't even matter. As I stared down at the mask I realized that it was time I started acting like the Hero she thought I was. I finally made my decision.

Hopefully this won't get me killed but in case it does.....

Fell, I feel like I owe you an apology. You were right...about everything you said, and I lashed out at you so.....sorry.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Nostalgia sucks

The first thing I noticed when I woke up was that I was not in my motel room, either that or what had already been an uncomfortable bed was even more so now. That and it crunched when I rolled over. With the sound of crunching leaves I bolted upright, which caused me to fall into a coughing fit. I brought my hand up and covered my mouth as I coughed violently. I breathed heavily as I brought my hand away from my face, grimacing when I noticed the crimson liquid that now stained my hand. That couldn't be good.

I glanced around and all I could see were trees. I blinked a few times, my eyes adjusting to the moonlit forest around me. I groaned, and yelled into the forest, "You cliche faceless bastard! Would it kill you to be a little original?!" I of course got no reply. Which now that I think back to it, was probably a good thing. But this wasn't the first time this had happened. Trying to remember how I got here was an exercise in futility. All I could remember was lying down in the motel room, hopes of getting just one night of shut eye and then waking up here.

I sighed as I stood to my feet, and dusted myself off. I had seen a forest when driving into town the other day, but that didn't mean a thing. I could be anywhere. I took out my phone and stared at the black screen. Of course it was dead. I pocketed the phone and began to walk in a random direction. All I passed was trees, no animals, or homicidal faceless business men. The quiet of the forest slowly calmed me down. I slowed down and sighed deeply.

It felt like hours before I found anything. It was a house. My eyes widened though as I stared at the house before me. It was medium sized with a porch, a small porch swing rocked slightly, despite the lack of wind in the clearing. The house was plain looking, but extremely familiar. Why wouldn't it be though? It was my house. I made my way up to it, frowning, as memories flooded my mind. Any good childhood were utterly crushed by the bad ones.

I stopped just outside the door. My hand landed on the handle and a shiver shot down my spine. Warning bells going off in my head. The feeling was of course familiar. It only when HE was around. I glanced over my shoulder to see the still empty clearing. So there was only one place where HE could be? Right? The feeling of apprehension vanished at that moment, replaced with rage. Feeling as though, liquid fire flooded my veins. I flung the door open, being greeted by the empty living room, looking just as I remembered it. Though, considerably more dusty.

So I stormed past into the hallway. The feeling of nostalgia as I looked down the moonlit hallway caused me to pause. It actually feel nauseated. I shook the feeling off and moved down the hall quickly. I stopped outside of the bedroom that had my parents. I knew where he was. I opened the door and stepped inside, the room dimly lit by the windows. He stood before me. In the center of the room, at the foot of the bed, the sheets made, the room untouched. His tentacles were absent, leading me to believe that he was not angry. His attention was on me, he stared at me. Yes, the faceless creature stared at me. His head was tilted as if curious to what my reaction would be.

My anger was no more as I stared at him. The fear had returned. I had stomped into the room, furious with him to.....what had I actually expected to do?! 

He turned his head and stared at the closet in the corner of the room.

Why had I thrown all logic out the window?!

He continued to stare at the closet.

I was smarter than this. I was supposed to be smarter than this!

My gaze moved to the closet. " want me to open it?" I got no answer, of course. He just continued to stare in the direction of the closet, his arms at his sides, bent awkwardly as usual. My gaze moved slowly to the open door behind me but any hope of leaving was dashed when a tentacle slammed into it, shutting off my exit. I looked back to see the black tendril extended from his back, his head moved back in my direction. So I didn't have a choice in the matter. Staring at the blank visage that was his "face", I knew that I didn't.

With a resigned sigh I made my way across the room to the closet. I had never been in this closet before. It had always been locked, the lock had been heart shaped. I almost chuckled at the memory. One of my brothers had tried to get in the closet one day, only to be stopped by my mother. The next day my dad came home with the lock and my mother had said it represented their love. In different words of course, but it had been something cheesy. My parents had always been that way, all cheesy and they barely ever argued. Even when they did....hehe it was always about small things. I shook my head and focused on the present. It wouldn't do to get lost in my memories with faceless in the room.

My gaze turned to the door to see that the lock was gone. I opened the door and coughed as a small breeze exited the door, disturbing the dust. What was within the closet though, didn't seem to be anything special. Just a few photo albums, ones that I would come back to look at later. But the last thing to catch my attention made me pale, and my eyes widen in horror.

It was a mask. A plain white mask, black paint lining the edges of the eye holes. A smirk was painted on the mask, and on the forehead was an operator's symbol. I tried to prevent myself from panicking. What could this mean? The only conclusion I could come to was that one or both of my parents had been a proxy. But that didn't make any sense. The Slenderman had killed both.....he had killed them both. Had they not adhered to some order? Failed some mission?

I shook my head, such thoughts were useless at the moment. I grasped the mask tightly in my hands, before glancing at my parent's murderer, his faceless visage observing me, head cocked to the side. He almost seemed curious as to what I would do with this new information. It became all clear to me what he wanted me to do. What he had wanted this entire time.

He wanted me to follow in my parents footsteps. I looked down at the mask in my hands. With an increasing amount of horror, I realized that I was actually considering it. After all he had done to me, could I really serve such a monster. He had killed the love of my life, and my brothers. He had killed my parents. Even recently, he had been the indirect cause for the death of one of the only few people I could call a friend. I set the mask in my book bag carefully as not to break it. I finally turned to face him.

I stared at Slenderman for a long moment. Finally I let out a resigned sigh, "I'll think about it." Even I couldn't believe the words coming out of my mouth. These words seemed to please him because at that moment he finally vanished.

I've been at the house ever since. I cleaned it up, because it needed it and I needed a distraction. I haven't seen any of Slendy since but I've felt him. I know he has been around. Waiting for an answer. I can't help but wonder if he's actually giving me a choice in the matter. If I tell him no will he simply hollow me? Or even just outright kill me?

I have a lot to think about. So I'll cut this here. Until next post, if there is one.